Different social disciplines

Dr. Jim Penman’s best selling and controversial book “Biohistory : Decline and fall of the west” compares humans with our closest primate cousins the Gibbons and Baboons. These two primates according to the book and research carried out at laboratories in Melbourne, though primates behave in two entirely different social disciplines, when their society demands so.

Their social interactions and behavioural patterns differ, and are consistent with the studies conducted, and tests carried out. These tests have culminated in ten articles presented by Dr. Penman with reviews by peers, and the confirmation of the research tests.

The Bio history foundation the brainchild of Dr. Penman begun in 2007 has developed into a fully fledged study and research centre for the advancement of these theories. One of the startling discoveries has been the wrong notion that we pass on only our genes in our genetic molecules to our offspring. It is now researched and proven that over generations we pass on our bad and vulgar habits too through our genes to our future generations.

For example it could be drug and alcohol abuse and this is now called epigenetic traits. There is also confirmation that great civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and others perished due to this change in genetics coupled with behavioural habits.

The study and research in bio history are warnings to the west, where there are vast behavioural changes in the populace, the slow growth in population, the economical stagnation, abuse of alcohol and drugs. It was the same issues that those civilizations had to contend before they had to face a very unfortunate end. This could happen to the west too, the warning is sent and they have to abide if they too do not face anhiliation.  

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